SPS research is concerned with the spatial development and planning of complex urban regions like the Randstad Holland. The increasing significance of the regional scale, globalisation, internationalisation and changing relations between the state, market and civil society call for evaluation of the performance of regional spatial structures and the governance arrangements through regional planning and design. The group investigates its home region, the Randstad, and uses this knowledge in mutual learning through international case studies and cross-national comparison. We work with the Urban and Regional Studies Group of the OTB Research Institute for the Built Environment. We also aim to involve all relevant researchers on spatial planning in TU Delft. SPS leads on three themes:

–        Metropolitan Spatial Structure

–        Regional Planning and Design

–        International Planning and Developing Regions

SPS have been involved in a number of externally funded research projects, including Horizon 2020 and FP7 funded, with a large number of international and national partners. You can have a look at our research projects HERE.