UfM Working Group on Urban Regeneration

Union for the Mediterranean

The Union for the Mediterranean is an intergovernmental institution bringing together 43 countries to promote dialogue and cooperationin the Euro-Mediterranean region.


Istanbul, metropolis on the Mediterranean. Photo by R. Rocco



The UfM Working Group on Urban Regeneration, in partnership with member states, will develop an Action Plan on Urban Regeneration and a project pipeline under the UfM Urban Agenda of 2017. TU Delft (SPS) is the lead knowledge partner in this process, in charge of coordinating research that will ground the Action Plan. The Action Plan aims to promote integrated, sustainable, fair and inclusive urban regeneration and development across the Mediterranean region as a means to foster human development, economic prosperity, political stability and overall sustainability. The key frameworks for the action plan are: example projects, performance indicators, regional convergence criteria, financial strategy, citizen engagement, and capacity building. The key areas of action for integrated urban planning focus on:

  1. Informal settlements and deprived neighborhoods as focus points for the creation of inclusive cities and regions.
  2. Former brownfields and railway sites as focus points for urban regeneration, and area re-development.
  3. Heritage and tourism as drivers of economic prosperity.
  4. Port areas, port cities, and their hinterlands as drivers of sustainable economic prosperity.
  5. Besides coordinating the writing of the action plan, TU Delft will deliver a series of events, short capacity-building courses and a summer school on urban development around the Mediterranean, with the objective of gathering a community of academics, policymakers, and students from around the region who will be future leaders for positive change in the Mediterranean bassin. TU Delft’s participation is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MinBuZa).

More information: https://ufmsecretariat.org/what-we-do/transport-urban-development/

Text by Roberto Rocco & Remon Rooij