Dr Remon Rooij

Since 2014 I have held the position of Associate Professor at Delft University of Technology within the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment (ABE), section Spatial Planning & Strategy (SPS). Since 2020, I have been member of the 4TU Centre for Engineering Education management team, as TU Delft co-leader. I am the educational leader of the department of Urbanism, and for the faculty I chair the work group on Open and Online Education. I have a strong interdisciplinary background: a doctorate in Spatial Planning within the TRAIL Research School for Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics, and an M.Sc. degree in Urbanism and Real Estate & Construction Management. My interests focus on:

  • the future of engineering education
  • the development, renewal and evaluation of academic curriculums in the field of the built environment;
  • academic skills for architects/’bouwkundigen’
  • strategic spatial planning in regional development and urban transformation

From 2012-2020 I was the program leader for the bachelor program Architecture, Urbanism & Building Sciences (‘Bouwkunde’). For the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions I was the education program leader (2014-2016), among others initiating and developing the M.Sc. program Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering. In 2007-2009 I was leading the curriculum renewal of the M.Sc. Urbanism.

As a teacher, I have widespread experiences in coordinating and teaching courses and studios at BSc, MSc and post MSc level on urbanism, on transport planning, and on academic skills for urbanists and architects. I have supervised a large number of M.Sc. graduation projects for Urbanism, Architecture, Management in the Built Environment, Transport Planning, and Construction, Management & Engineering students. I have contributed to several MOOCs.

Over the last decade I have developed strong ties to other educational leaders in and outside TU Delft, with whom I co-published a variety of publications and co-organized a variety of events. I have presented at (engineering) education conferences and have been member of several advisory committees on TU Delft education policies. I got experienced in the processes of program and institute (‘ITK’) accreditation and visitation.

Since 2018 I have been leading – together with Roberto Cavallo – the ABE faculty wide initiative on ‘Research on Education Innovation’ with specific focus on ‘design education’, ‘inter- and transdisciplinary education’, ‘academic skills for architects’, ‘online and blended education’, and ‘educational leadership and curriculum renewal’. We have several externally funded projects running. Additionally, I am involved in the Urbanism departmental research program and I supervised as co-promotor the Ph.D. projects ‘Territories-in-Between’ by Alex Wandl and ‘New Towns in Venezuela’ by Simone Rots.