SPS Seminar – Peri-urban China: Spatial Governance and Traditional Culture

SPS Seminar – Peri-urban China: Spatial Governance and Traditional Culture

Thursday 30 June 2022, 12.30-13.45 (on campus and online)

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In this seminar, Yaqi Yan (Tsinghua University) and Diwen Tan (TU Delft) present the spatial transformation of peri-urban areas in China in different regions and from perspectives. One case from northern China focuses on local governance; the other from southern China focuses on social-cultural aspects.

The Role of Local Governments in Spatial Transformation of Peri-urban Area: A Case Study in Beijing

Moral Knowledge in Urban Villages: A Case Study in Shenzhen

Yaqi Yan is a 4th-year PhD candidate from the Department of Urban Planning, Tsinghua University, China. She is currently a visiting researcher in the section of Spatial Planning and Strategy, Department of Urbanism, TU Delft. She received her Master’s degree in Urban Planning from Tongji University, China. Her PhD research focuses on the change of land use, property rights, relationship among local governments, village collectives and markets in peri-urban area of China. She is also interested urban-rural regeneration and housing policies.

Diwen Tan is a first-year PhD candidate in the Spatial Planning and Strategy section, Department of Urbanism, TU Delft. Her particular interests are in cultural landscapes and inclusive urbanism which are rooted in her education and career development. She completed her B.Sc. in Physics and M.Sc. in Sustainable Energy Systems. She then worked at UN Environment Programme for about 6 years (focusing on ecosystem management and climate adaptation in developing countries) before pursuing an advanced M.Sc. in Human Settlements at KU Leuven