Yaqi Yan

Yaqi Yan is a 4th-year PhD candidate from the Department of Urban Planning, Tsinghua University, China. She is a visiting researcher (Dec, 2021-July, 2022) in the section of Spatial Planning and Strategies, Department of Urbanism, TU Delft. She completed her master’s and bachelor’s degrees in urban planning at Tongji University and Sun Yat-sen University in China, respectively. Her PhD research focuses on the change of land use, property rights, relationship among local governments, village collectives and markets in peri-urban area of China. Her research interests also include urban-rural regeneration and housing policies. She is a national scholarship winner for doctoral students in China and an Outstanding Graduate of Sun Yat-sen University. As a researcher of Centre for Land Use and Housing Policy in Tsinghua University, she won the second prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award issued by the Chinese Ministry of Education in 2020 (a team award; award-winning project: Theory, key technology and practical application of urban and rural land use optimization in peri-urban areas).