Agnes posterOn 19 February, Agnes Förster from the Munich University of Technology (Technische Universität München) delivered a lecture on “Regional design as a communicative planning practice – Approaches to its performance” as part of the Spatial Planning Seminar Series.



Here you will find the slides and a video from the lecture.


In numerous European regions planning professionals and politicians are experimenting with regional design approaches to overcome limitations that statutoryplanning systems pose to planning. Practices in these regions vary highly; they come in many facets. Despite the broad interest in practices, few lessons have been learnt from experiments. The question presents itself then whether regional design delivers on what it promises. Since design initiatives are often taken spontaneously, expectations remain implicit and the performance of regional design nebulous. To uncover benefits a concept of performance is needed that focuses on the communicative and interpretative aspects of regional design and that incorporates the multiple expectations on knowledge, arrangements and organisational learning.






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