Spatial Planning & Strategy, together with members of Urban Design, Urban Studies and Management in the Built Environment, is offering a training session at the upcoming World Urban Forum, in Abu Dhabi.

The governance of slum upgrading strategies must incorporate socio-spatial justice to succeed. Justice is for the acceptability and sustainability of policy, what truth is for the validity of science. Socio-spatial justice is a condition sine qua non for successful slum upgrading strategies.

This mini-training event discusses these ideas and gives examples of socio-spatial justice and injustice, in their distributive and procedural dimensions.

The training event ends with an interactive game in which stakeholders learn about the importance of communication and consensus seeking for successful policy making.

The Training Event happens at the WUF on Tuesday 11 February, from 9:00 to 12:00, in the Capital Suites of the main venue, room CS2.

Trainers include:

Roberto Rocco (SPS)

Luz Maria Vergara (MBE)

Rachel Keeton (Urban Design)

Igor Pessoa (Urban Studies) &  Claudio Acioly (EU IUC-LAC).

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