Dr Rodrigo Cardoso

Dr. Rodrigo Cardoso was trained as an architect and planner in Porto and Barcelona before completing his PhD in London in 2016. (UCL Bartlett School of Planning). He then joined TU Delft, where he works as Assistant Professor in the section of Spatial Planning & Strategy. Building on his interdisciplinary background, Rodrigo’s research so far has focused on the spatial, functional, social and political dimensions of metropolisation processes in urban regions, metropolitan polycentric spatial structures, and the distinctive features and challenges of second-tier cities and regions. Rodrigo has an extensive publication record on these topics. He was recently awarded by the faculty a PhD research project on second-tier port cities in Europe and advises another PhD project on second-tier city governance in China. Newer interests include urbanisation, planning and policymaking beyond the framework of economic growth, focusing on urban health, wellbeing economics and human needs satisfaction. Rodrigo is involved in education at TU Delft as course coordinator (Urban Geography), lecturer and MSc mentor, and at the AMS Institute in Amsterdam, where he co-coordinates the Metropolitan Challenges course, which focuses on understanding the challenges affecting metropolitan regions worldwide from different disciplinary perspectives.