Merten Nefs

Spatial planning and urban design have much to gain from research and data. At the same time it is impossible to make cities behind a desk in academia, because the real world is the urban laboratory. Since the start of his career, Marten has tried to build bridges between theory and practice; either by reflecting on ongoing urban developments; or by speeding up research a little bit by linking it to practical cases.

With experience at architecture and urban planning firms in The Netherlands and Brazil, he has learned to lead complex design & research projects, with interdisciplinary teams and public stakeholders.

> Urban and spatial planning, architectural design
> Geo information systems and planning support tools
> Writing of articles, blogs and papers
> Project management
> Organizing professional networks and events
> Student coaching (Master)

> Research spin-offs in practice
> Publications on metropolitan landscape, transit-oriented development, urban revitalization, industrial heritage and urban wastelands
> Completed buildings
> Winning or nominated competition designs