Dr Marcin Dąbrowski

Marcin Dąbrowski is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Urbanism at TU Delft. His academic interests span across regional, urban and policy studies and include such topics as (multi-level) governance, policy transfer / mobility, Europeanisation of spatial planning, regional and urban development policies, climate change adaptation in cities, energy transition, and, most recently, circular economy and citizen engagement in planning sustainable urban and regional futures. Marcin is the Research Leader of the Spatial Planning & Strategy Section of the Urbanism Department. Beyond TU Delft, Marcin is a board member of the Regional Studies Association and of Stichting EPRC-Delft.

Personal website:

Individual grants and awards: Urban Studies Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, RSA Early Career Grant, Urban Knowledge Network Asia grant, RSA Early Career Excellence Award.

EU-funded projects: HE DUST, HE UP2030, H2020 COHESIFY, H2020 REPAiR, ESPON COMPASS, ESPON IRiE, ESPON Financial Instruments and Territorial Cohesion.