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Spatial planning and strategy is a chair in the Department of Urbanism of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of the Delft University of Technology. We are concerned with knowledge about the formulation, implementation and evaluation of strategic and urban planning tools - visions, strategies, plans and programmes.

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Doctoral Defence of Jeroen van Schaick: December 9 at 12h00

Jeroen van Schaik (NL), PhD Candidate The doctoral defence of Jeroen van Schaick will take place on December 9 at 12h00 at the TU Delft AULA. At 12h00 he will give a preliminary talk.  The tile of Jeroen’s PhD dissertation is ‘Timespace matters: Exploring the gap between knowing about activity patterns of people and knowing...
Ryan Gravel and the Atlanta Beltline Project

Ryan Gravel and the Atlanta Beltline Project

Ryan Gravel       Ryan Gravel’s 1999 master’s thesis from Georgia Tech in Architecture and City Planning was the original vision for the ambitious Atlanta Beltline – a 22-mile transit greenway that transforms a loop of old railroads with light-rail transit, parks and trails to generate economic growth and protect quality-of-life in 45 neighborhoods...

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