Round-TableAssociation of the European School of Planning AESOP Annual Congress, Prague July 13
‘The political meaning of informal urbanisation’

Democracy’s access depends not only on the ability of formal institutions to respond to the legitimate demands and rights of its citizens, but also on how these citizen are able to enter the political realm in order to formulate demands and claim their political rights.

We are seeking to promote a cross-national comparative exercise on the variety of roles taken by informal urbanisation processes in different socio-political contexts in relation to struggles for rights and democratisation processes. The discussion will highlight different local approaches and understandings on informal urbanisation and compare existing local planning tools that deal with it. This round table is also an attempt at networking and community of knowledge formation.

The round table will consist of short 3-minute interventions by participants, followed by a debate. If you would like to make an intervention, please notify the organisers by filling out the form below.

Monday, July 13, 11:00 to 12:30
Czech Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Thakurova Street 9, Prague 6.

Please write to Roberto Rocco or Jan van Ballegooijen

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