Seminar: Citizen Participation in Just Sustainability Transitions

This seminar, open to wider public on site and online, will bring together a panel of experts to discuss citizen participation in the multi-level governance of just sustainability transitions in European regions. The seminar is organised as part of the Urbanism / EPRC-Delft seminar series and also within the framework of the Horizon Europe DUST project, on which we collaborate with the EPRC.

The focus of this seminar will be on European regions that are structurally weak and vulnerable to these transitions and on the communities that are the least engaged in place-based policies that aim at steering regions towards more sustainable futures.  The format is a roundtable discussion with the following speakers:

The panel will comprise a selection of researchers from the Horizon Europe DUST project (led by Urbanism Department, Bouwkunde, TU Delft), experts from academia and the world of policy practice advising the consortium, and researchers from the BOLSTER project.

This interdisciplinary panel will, firstly, present diverse theoretical, methodological and policy perspectives on the topic in a series of pitch presentations.  Secondly, the panellists will engage in a debate around a set of burning questions related to core challenges and opportunities for policy and knowledge gaps to bridge through research as part of the DUST project and beyond. The audience will actively take part in the debate through online polling and direct discussion with the panellists.

Please register here for the seminar.