Vincent Nadin has made a keynote presentation to staff and students of South China Normal University, Guangzhou as part of its 80th birthday celebrations. I outlined how planning practices and policies in Europe have responded to changing demands over the last twenty years, at the invitation of Professor Wu Zhigang of the Center for Urban & Regional Development Studies at SCNU. There were many questions from students on how China might learn from experience in Europe, for example on the need to improve the quality of planning and construction, about how planning can reduce the impact of rapidly increasing traffic, and on citizen participation in the planning process.

I was lucky to have our PhD candidate Hebe (Jinghuan He) with me as she as asked to translate at the last minute and my Chinese colleagues say she did a fine job.

Confused article on Vincent's SCNU presentation.

Confused article on Vincent’s SCNU presentation.

The Center for Urban and Regional Studies at SCNU is very experienced in the evaluation of urban regeneration and transformation projects including the redevelopment of urban villages. They are keen to collaborate with TU Delft and others on this and other topics.

A newspaper article that followed the presentation unfortunately confuses many of the points made but talking to students, I can confirm that they got a much more accurate understanding of the points made.


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