Readers of this blog know about my book published in late-2018. I am looking forward eagerly for reviews but, knowing that they take time, I have braced myself for a long hawl, but was pleasantly surprised when the came out earlier than I could have expected. Some readers are in for a disappointment, though: It is in Dutch! Indeed, who would have expected that the Vriendenbulleting of the Stichting Vrienden van de Stad Groningen would publish one so soon. (Ton Van der Meulen (2019) ‘Over Andreas Faludi: The Poverty of Territorialism’, Vriendenbulletin, 34, No 96, pp. 15-16) A fellow-planning theorist with whom I have crossed swords once in a friendly encounter, as it behoves PhD candidates and their opponents, Van der Meulen is of course aware of Karl Popper’s work which has inspired me giving the book its title. He very usefully draws attention to more examples of the border fudging in the Netherlands which I have not been aware of. At the same time he suggests that I am fairly rigid in presenting the nation-state as contingent, and not in the least self-evident. So be it! He also underlines my conclusion, the production democratic legitimacy being their monopoly, part of which they of course outsource to lower-level administrations. Van der Meulen ends with a useful warning, based on Richard Rorty, not a source on which, perhaps to my regret, I draw: Something being contingent – as the nation-state and territorialism – does not mean to say that it is worthless. Point taken!     

Text by Andreas Faludi 

You can download the review HERE.

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