TUDelft Spatial Planning & Strategy Seminar

January 28th 12.30-1.30


Bouwkunde, Julianalaan 134, Delft, ROOM 01 WEST 060

Professor Michael Hebbert
(Professor of Town Planning, Bartlett UCL, Editor Planning Perspectives)

Crossrail – the tunnel joining London East and West



London Crossrail, scheduled for completion in 2018, is currently Europe’s largest construction project. In scale and strategic purpose it closely resembles Ligne ‘A’ on the Parisian RER network, opened forty years earlier. Crossrail’s genesis can be traced even further back in London’s history, to the postwar reconstruction plans of Sir Patrick Abercrombie. Michael Hebbert analyzes the long gestation of the project and considers its significance for the spatial structure of London. Michael is the author of London More By Fortune than Design (Wiley 1998) and he chaired the Design Review Panel for London Crossrail.


See the video here:

The presentation slides are available here: Michael Hebbert – SPS seminar 28.01.2016



For more information on this research please see those papers by Prof. Hebbert:

Hebbert, M (2014) ‘Crossrail: the slow route to London’s regional express railway’ Town Planning Review, 85 (2) 2014 doi:10.3828/tpr.2014.11

Hebbert, M; (2012) Megaproject as Keyhole Surgery: London Crossrail. Built Environment , 38 (1) pp. 89-102.



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