Book cover WVThe book “Are we the world? Randstad vs Sao Paulo, Detroit and Istanbul” is edited by Wouter Vanstiphout and Marta Relats.  Roberto Rocco has contributed a chapter in the book entitled “Sao Paulo: constructing the city, reinventing democracy”.

The book review at the NAI site says “Are we the world? is part six of the Design and Politics series, an initiative from the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, which examines the relationship between planning, design and politics. This part has been put together by the chair of Design as Politics, under the supervision of Wouter Vanstiphout at TU Delft. The book ‘Are we the world? Randstad Holland, São Paulo, Istanbul & Rotterdam’ compares the Randstad with São Paulo and Istanbul, and speculates about alternative visions for city planning and idealistic architectural intervention for the cities involved. Are we the world? is not only a plea for a central role for city planning, and an active exchange of ideas, but primarily for new political involvement”.

Jan van Ballegooijen, Toon Stallaart, Roderick van Klink, Ori Rubin and many others have contributed articles to the book.

You can by the book at NAI BOOKSELLERS.

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