BlotevogelSPS members have contributed two chapters to the book Spatial Planning Systems and Practices in Europe, published in April 2014. Vincent Nadin and Dominic Stead wrote the chapter ‘Spatial Planning in the United Kingdom 1990-2013’, and Wil Zonneveld and David Evers wrote the chapter ‘Dutch National Spatial Planning at the End of an Era’. The book edited by Mario Reimer, Panagiotis Getimis and Hans Blotevogel  is the outcome of a five year collaboration among researchers on comparative spatial planning in Europe led by the German Academy for Spatial Research and Planning (ARL). Vincent and Dominic attended a number of workshops which ensured a consistent approach to the analysis of trends in spatial planning systems in various European countries – and which also led to the special edition of Planning Practice and Research on International Comparative Planning Methodology published as the 2012 edition 27(1). The book will become an essential reference for out teaching on spatial planning in Europe.

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