Marcin Dąbrowski, together with the RSA Policy Expo project partners, Karel van den Berghe (MBE, BK, TUD), Joanna Williams (Bartlett, UCL), and Ellen van Bueren (MBE, BK, TUD), organise a special session on circular cities and regions at the 2022 Regional Studies Association’s Winter Conference 2022 in London. Call for abstracts is now open: SS05: The Transition to Circular Cities and Regions: A Critical Reflection

Circularity policies and strategies are emerging across the world, however, they tend to overlook the spatial implications of ‘going circular’ and the potentials that circular economy brings to rethink regional and urban economies, regenerate degraded urban and peri-urban areas, and promote social cohesion and bottom-up community activity.

This session invites researchers conducting research on the spatial implications/requirements of the circular economy transition. We are open for submissions bringing in new empirical, methodological, or theoretical perspectives on that topic.

Deadline for submissions: 10 August 2022.

Submit your abstracts here. You can find out more about the conference here.

More infromation about the RSA Policy Expo project can be found here and here.


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