On Thursday 23 April 2015 Dr. Paul Benneworth (University of Twente) offered a talk as part of SPS Seminar Series on ‘Global science scapes: how  global science and political flows are shaping 21st century science landscapes.’ Please see the abstract, slides and the video from the event below.

Abstract: Major science and technology spaces are central to global economic competitiveness. However, such spaces also assume other important roles in the global arena: As distinctive physical achievements; as clear expressions of national political ambition and economic strategy; and as hosts to international labour and returning diasporas. These places can be understood with reference two three kinds of spaces in which they are embedded, (i) the physical form ‘technoscapes’; (ii) internal scientific communities (‘ideoscapes’); and (iii) networks of transnational labour mobility and knowledge transfer (‘ethnoscapes’).  This research seeks to understand and better conceptualise how these three kinds of space interact to create new high-technology places, by exploring the case study of Kennispark at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. It seeks to identify the contiguities, congruences and conflicts between these three spaces and reflect upon the changing roles played by the important phenomena in emerging 21st century political economies.

Benneworth – From representations of science parks to global science scapes

Paul Benneworth SPS Seminar Flyer


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