SPS Seminar online via zoom

2 June 12:30-13:30

Speaker: David Evers (PBL)

Slides from the lecture are available here

Two what if scenarios for urbanisation in the Netherlands.

Topic: Sustainable urbanization and land use

In the past year, the ESPON SUPER project –  Sustainability of Urbanization and land use Practices in European Regions – has amassed a considerable body of knowledge on physical developments in the 2000-2018 period and on the relative success and sustainability of 232 interventions that affect, or try to affect, these developments, including EU policies. In addition, ten case studies were conducted on the way interventions impact everyday practices of land development. This information is being compiled into the handbook A Guide to Sustainable Urbanization and Land Use Practice.

Share of urban areas across Europe from 2000 (animated gif, please click to launch it)

In addition, the evidence was synthesized in three pan-European scenarios for 2050 that explored the implications of pursuing compact (high-density urbanization), polycentric (medium-density multi-core urbanization) or diffuse urbanization (low-density scattered urban development). These scenarios are intended as a springboard for a policy discussion on the desirability and sustainability of divergent urbanization and land use practices as well as the means to affect these practices.

Luxembourg City in 2050 in the compact (left), polycentric (middle) and diffuse (right) scenarios


The ESPON SUPER project just submitted its draft final report. Although this report will not be online for some time (the interim report can be found at https://www.espon.eu/super), the project team would like to share the preliminary results at the seminar and field any questions.

David Evers (Senior Researcher, PBL) obtained his PhD in urban and regional planning at the University of Amsterdam. He is currently employed at the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. David has published on a wide variety of subjects such as growth management in the USA, shopping centre development and retail policy, Dutch planning, European spatial development, territorial cohesion, planning law, metropolitan and network governance, wind energy, and institutional theory. Since 2011 David has worked part-time as a lecturer in urban and regional planning at the University of Amsterdam. David is also the ESPON contact point for the Netherlands, and EEA NRC for Spatial Planning. He is the project leader of the ESPON SUPER project.


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