• You are cordially invited to attend our first seminar of 2016. Evelyn Gustedt (*ARL Hannover): will talk about the Present and Past of Urban Agriculture/Gardening in Germany – in a Nutshell

    at 16:00–17:00
    Next Week
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    Bouwkunde room BGWEST270

Evelyn Gustedt is from ARL – Academy for Spatial Research and Planning, Hannover, Germany.

The issue will be approached by definitions of urban agriculture/gardening not forgetting about the famous German allotment gardens. Some analytical information with regard to socio-economic aspects will be raised. The differences between urban gardens and allotment gardens will be presented and a timeline will show the development of both from the beginning of the last century up to now. Some examples will illustrate the quantitative development and the spatial distribution of urban gardens. Last but not least, the relevance of both forms of gardens will be looked at with regard to sustainable settlement areas.

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