SPS, represented by Roberto Rocco, will take part in several activities at the WUF:

(i) Training event given in partnership with UN-Habitat Capacity Building Unit, in a team with Igor Pessoa, Rachel Keeton and Luz Maria Vergara: https://www.unhadb.org/2019_wuf10/user/trainDetails ,

(ii) Participation at the Universities Round Table, when Roberto Rocco will speak about the importance to bring spatial justice and sustainability together in planning and design education. This is a round table with UN-Habitat partner universities. https://wuf.unhabitat.org/wuf10-programme/stakeholders-roundtables/universities-roundtable

(iii) Side event on sustainability education led by the University of Southern Denmark.

(iv) Universities Booth: a shared space where partner universities can make short presentations and exhibit posters. Roberto Rocco and Rachel Keeton will present their recently published books.  https://www.routledge.com/The-Routledge-Handbook-on-Informal-Urbanization/Rocco-Ballegooijen/p/book/9781138183889  and https://www.naibooksellers.nl/to-build-a-city-in-africa-a-history-and-a-manual.html

(v) Networking event with the Union for the Mediterranean, with presentation on the UfM Action Plan for Sustainable Urbanisation, in which TU Delft is lead-partner.

For more information, please visit the official website of the World Urban Forum  or write to Roberto Rocco

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