Ceren Sezer is invited to give a lecture in Leiden University about mapping as a research tool in 14th April 2017. This lecture will be a part of a series of expert lectures organised for the PhD candidates within the course ‘Mixed Methods in the Social Sciences and the Humanities’.

The lecture presents mapping as a creative visual tool, which enables researchers to read and interpret their data, field observations, and research findings. Mapping is commonly used by architects, urban designers, spatial planners and geographers, but it can also be useful for other researchers within the fields of the social sciences and the humanities. Traditionally, mapping is understood in a cartographic sense, a graphic representation of the significant features of a part of the surface of the Earth. This lecture presents that the mapping practice can go beyond a cartographic representation, and be a productive instrument to reveal what is invisible in a physical context and what opportunities this context can offer. The examples in this lecture vary from cartographic maps to the digital diagrams. The final part of the lecture is an open session in which we can discuss whether mapping can be a useful tool for the participants’ ongoing research.

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