The UN HABITAT invited the AESOP thematic group Public Spaces and Urban Cultures to organize a networking event at The World Urban Forum 7 (WUF7) in April 5-11 2014, Medellin, Colombia. To foster dialogue between global tendencies and local needs, this networking session will be organized as open as possible to the local public, inviting children and elderly people, the users of Medellin’s public spaces, to participate. To facilitate this, a cooperation with colleagues at Medellins’ University of Antioquia or other Colombian universities will be initiated. This cooperation is to be arranged along transdisciplinary principles, understanding the Colombian university as agent of local change and participatory inclusion.
The list of panel speakers (to be confirmed) : Dr. Taufique Utpal, Deputy Director Urban Development Directorate (UDD), Dhaka. Prof. Cristina Dominguez, Catedra Libre de Espacio Publico y Sociedad, Universidad de La Plata, Argentina; Prof. Dr. Florian Koch DAAD-Guest Professor for European Studies and Regional Development, Universidad del Norte, Barranquila, Colombia; Dr. Nikolai Roskamm, Insitute for Urban and Regional Planning, TU Berlin, Germany.

The event will be coordinated by the AESOP TG representative Sabine Knierbein from Technical University of Vienna.

Event Date: 9th April 2014 between 4:30 and 6:30 pm (Yellow Pavillon, Room 12).

Anyone of you interested to join us there, please contact Sabine Knierbein ( for further information. Please note that registration for the WUF 7 Conference closes on 16th March 2013, so in case you plan to attend, please register as soon as possible.

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