On the 18th of November a symposium on citizen involvement took place at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. During the event the role of citizen engagement in planning decision making was investigated, in the context of different countries and on different levels of scale. The aim of the symposium was to identify key factors that shape engagement. Questions debated with practitioners and researchers in the fields of spatial planning and design were:

  • What is the current scenario over the world in terms of citizen engagement? What are the positives and negatives of this theme?
  • How does the concept of engagement work in professional practice? What is your own work experience (interesting example) in this field?
  • What are the new possibilities to include the people in planning process? What new opportunities can be proposed? Who are the mediators to be approached?

The symposium was organised by MSc Urbanism graduation students. Organisers of the event were Franziska Unzner, Miriam den Boer, Alankrita Sarkar, Olaf IJzerman, Silvana Corro, Xin Huang, Louise Hjerrild and Alex Chih Chu Lee. Invited practitioners and researchers were Jurrian Arnold, Otto Trienekens, Dirk Verhagen, Marcin Dabrowski, Reinout Kleinhans, Fred Sanders, Roberto Rocco, Vincent Nadin, Luisa Calabrese and Diego Sepulveda.

For a more detailed account of the symposium, see this flyer. For conclusions drawn for the symposium watch this site.

Workshop poster

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