Invitation for a Lecture


The Complex City Regions Graduation Lab and the Chair of Spatial Planning and Strategy invite you for the lecture of Prof. Andres Borthagaray.


Borthagaray links mobility, urban design and culture.


The lecture happens in the context of the studio research on the local conditions for metropolitan development.


Mr. Borthagaray is Director of the Strategic Planning in the City of Buenos Aires and Director of the Latin American program of the City on the Move Institute. His experience is mainly focused on the link between mobility systems and the daily life of the inhabitants in search for better life standards in cities.


The lecture is intended for Complex City Lab students and is open to any other interested colleagues. After the lecture there will be a round table discussion, so your participation is very much appreciated.


Place: Berlagezaal 2,

Day: Monday 28 November

Time: 18:00-19:00


Diego Sepulveda, Chair of Spatial Planning and Strategy and The Complex Cities Team

Buenos Aires, Argentina Copyright: Phototheque Veolia-C.Majani d'Inguimbert.

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