What if the containers that we came to see as the dominant planning spaces in Europe, the national territories and the many other administrative ones below, would follow a pathway of decay? Against the background of his science of European spatial planning and a brief review of recent debates on the role of the EU, Andreas Faludi presented, on the occasion of the 5th meeting on OTB/Urbanism joint research themes, a thinking model that replaces the notion of territory with notions on territorial cohesion, territorialism and territoriality.

The model does produce questions. What kind of political discourses will structure political debate? Would politics and planning become more responsive to the speed and intensity of development? To a commonly perceived importance of planning objects? How could an institutional void at the prey of opportunists be filled, for the while being? What kind of ideas about spatial organization could be employed to carry political ideas and implement planning? Can we do without distributional principles and rely on relational ones? Or do we need to invent entirely new ideas and attached planning principles? Á la carte? Andreas Faludi rose, asked to reflect on research themes, arguments that are both, deductive and inductive. Seen responses of a cross-cutting audience, they are of general interest.

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