Vincent Nadin and John Heinz speak about English Writing Skills to a large group of new Master students

The section of Spatial Planning & Strategy had a very fruitful and visible kick-off of the new 2017-2018 academic year. More than 1,400 students saw one or more of our SPS staff members during the first week of the academic year.

SPS staff member Roberto Rocco welcomed more than 600 master students via lectures and workshops on ‘values for spatial development’ during the MSc Architecture,
Urbanism and Building Sciences introduction programme (see pic).

SPS staff member Remon Rooij, also bachelor Bouwkunde programme leader of our faculty Architecture & the Built Environment welcomed more than 500 fresh and fruity first-year undergraduates (see pic). Minor ‘Green-Blue Cities: Neighbourhood of the Future’ SPS coordinator Lei Qu welcomed about 50 Dutch and international students coming from a variety of undergraduate programmes: design, engineering, humanities.

In interdisciplinary teams they will research and develop strategies for vulnerable neighbourhoods in the city of Rotterdam.

SPS graduation coordinators Diego Sepulveda and Verena Balz welcomed more than 70 2nd year Urbanism master students for the start of their graduation year.

SPS section leader and head of department Vincent Nadin was to be heard and seen in many places, also for more than 100 bachelor 6 students starting their bachelor graduation year by discussing spatial planning values, cultures and methods.

SPS EMU coordinator Luiz de Carvalho Filho welcomed a new and small group of students starting their post-graduate programme on European urbanism.







Remon Rooij welcomed more than 500 fresh and fruity first-year undergraduates to BK.

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