The Complex Cities research group and graduation platform has a new website. please click HERE to visit. The website was designed by Verena Balz and Azadeh Mashayekhi.

Complex Cities is an association of researchers to assist graduation at the Department of Urbanism, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at the Delft University of Technology. Researchers share an interest in the role that Urbanism has in resolving problems under complex spatial and societal circumstances and in the context of internationalization. They explore how transformations of metropolitan structures enhance sustainability, how regional planning, governance and design facilitate democratic decision-making and territorial cohesion and how spatial planning contributes to the diminishing of poverty, extreme environmental threats and societal conflict in developing countries around the world.

To support Master of Urbanism graduations, the group defined a set of research and design projects. In the definition of projects both, the expertise of researchers and available organisational support for graduations in distinct regions has been considered. Among regions is Shenzhen/China, Sao Paulo/Brazil and New York City/US. Please note that is not an obligation to align locations at the attention of complex cities graduations with the pre-defined regions. Please also note that organisational support, such as the provision of information and personal contacts, enhances the quality of graduations exploring the role of urbanism in an international context.

For a detailed description of topics at the attention of researchers, please see (Randstad Research group).

For broader information about activities of the research group please see here.

For a more detailed description of projects at the attention of Master of Urbanism graduation in the academic year 2015-2016, please visit the website.


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