A serie of essays on Public Space and Urban Justice that Matej Niksic (Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia) and Ceren Sezer (TU Delft) organized and co-edited  for the Built Environment is now available online. Taken together, these essays provide a useful guideline for the ways to study public space to promote urban justice in the city. Check them out!


Special thanks to the authors: Ana Maria Fernandez Maldonado, Christine Mady, Burak Buyukcivelek, Eva Schwab, Penelope Carroll, Karen Witten and Claire Stewart. Thanks for support at Built Environment from Ann Rudkin (Alexandrine Press), Stephen Marshall (UCL), Lucy Natarajan (UCL) and David Banister (University of Oxford) and to Orhan Kolukisa  from Yercekimi  (Istanbul, Turkey)  for his cover image.


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