Ceren Sezer is invited by the Notre Dame University of Louaize Beirut in Lebanon as an external jury member for the Architecture Final Senior Jury in 23 May 2017.  She was one of the three external jury members. Other jury members were Prof. Peter Walker (RIBA) from University of Salford Manchester and Dr. Alessandro Armando from Politecnico di Torino. As an external jury member, Ceren reviewed the work of twenty-five students, which included posters and models of the projects, presented by the students. The presentations were hosted by the Dean Dr. Jean-Pierre El Asmar and the Director of the Department Dr. Christine Mady. The location and the themes of the students’ projects covered a wide range of diversity. All the projects were located in Lebanon, mainly in Beirut. The themes of the projects varied and in some cases combined various programs such as housing for different target groups (e.g. homeless people), cultural centrum, memorial building, factory, hotel and the public library. This contextual and thematic richness of the projects allowed students to reflect on the issues such as the social effects, cultural significance, historical contexts and further beyond.

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