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Spatial planning and strategy is a chair in the Department of Urbanism of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of the Delft University of Technology. We are concerned with knowledge about the formulation, implementation and evaluation of strategic and urban planning tools - visions, strategies, plans and programmes.

Sharing Cities - Shaping Cities

Sharing Cities – Shaping Cities

Lidewij Tummers will be presenting at the Sharing cities – Shaping cities 2018 conference, organised by the Politechnico di Milano on 5+6 March 2018. The proposal “Low-carbon local initiative meets regional climate change policies: How to create effective synergies between local and regional agents of change?” was retained at an acceptance rate of about 20%...
SPS Seminar 20 June: Pieter van der Kooij - Green City Freiburg’s Challenge

SPS Seminar 20 June: Pieter van der Kooij – Green City Freiburg’s Challenge

Topic: Green City Freiburg’s Challenge? Increase the housing stock by 15% in 15 years, whilst minimalizing the city’s land-use Speaker: Pieter van der Kooij Venue: BG West 270, BK, TU Delft Date and Time: 20 June (Monday) 12:30 – 13:30 Freiburg (South-West Germany, 230.000 inhabitants) is renowned worldwide for its sustainability policies. For over a decade...
co-housing publications

co-housing publications

Two new books on co-housing in Europe have been published in November, both with a contribution from SPS researcher Lidewij Tummers: “The re-emergence of co-housing in Europe” (Routledge 2015) contains a contribution about the planning perspective on co-housing:  (contributions can also be found separately at the Journal of Urban Reseach and Policy) and: “Europe, co-operative...
Publication on co-housing

Publication on co-housing

In March 2015, a special issue on co-housing research was published by the Journal of Urban Research and practice: “Taking apart co-housing: Towards a long-term perspective of self-managed collaborative housing initiatives.” Guest editer is SPS colleague Lidewij Tummers and features 8 articles on research from different countries. Please find the contributions here: http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rurp20/8/1   Please...
Qu Lei  discusses Chinese Urban Villages at the SPS Seminar Series

Qu Lei discusses Chinese Urban Villages at the SPS Seminar Series

 Qu Lei presented her work on urban villages in Shenzhen at a SPS Seminar on 15 January 2015. ‘Urban villages and affordable housing within the transitional period of Chinese cities: the case study of Shenzhen’ Abstract: Urban village is a very special type of neighbourhood, created in the fast urbanisation process in Chinese cities like Shenzhen in...
Lidewij Tummers at seminar "Divercity, city of the future" organised by the city of Berlin

Lidewij Tummers at seminar “Divercity, city of the future” organised by the city of Berlin

On 24-25 October 2013 the Senat of Berlin called together experts on gender, urban renewal, housing, planning and transport for a seminar under the title “Divercity, city of the future”. In a varied and dense program, valuable input was generated about innovative solutions for Berlin housing policies and planning for 2030. SP&S member of staff Lidewij...

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