Contemporary Practices of Citizenship in Asia and the West: Care of the Self

Gregory Bracken (ed.)

Amsterdam University Press (2020)

This collection of essays is the second volume in my Care of the Self series, which examines urban communities and societies in Asia and the West, shedding some much-needed light on issues that have emerged as the world experiences its new urban turn. An urbanised world should be an improving place, one that is better to live in, one where humans can flourish. This volume examines contemporary practices of care of the self in cities in Asia and the West, including challenges to citizenship and even the right to the city itself. Written by a range of academics from different backgrounds (from architecture and urbanism, anthropology, social science, psychology, gender studies, history, and philosophy) their trans- and multidisciplinary approaches shed valuable light on what are sometimes quite old problems, leading to fresh perspectives and news ways of dealing with them. One thing that unites all of these papers is their people-centred approach, because, after all, a city is its people.

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