Urban Morphology is the Journal of the International Seminar on Urban Form. It is published biannually, in April and October.
http://www.urbanform.org/journal.html. For a note (but not a proper review) competently done on my book see the latest issue. The note points out the centrality to the idea of territorialism of what is called the ?territorial trap?. The problem with the representation of plans is thus the view as if territories were suspended in empty space. In a networked world, this is problematic. The book note lists the five parts of my book, with Part I positioning me as the author and giving the background to why I wrote the book. Part II is correctly described as problematizing territoriality and Part III as relating it to the European Union. Part IV is said to explore alternative paths of thinking about borders. The book note then homes in on alternative metaphors used to conceptualize European space, in particular the chapter on ‘The European archipelago? interpreting countries as islands, with the surrounding waters giving them superb connectivity. Part V is said to bring the discussion back to urban planning, arguing for planners not to treat their objects as areas within fixed borders.
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