In March 2018 I attended – not for the first time – the 4th bi-annual international conference of the College international des sciences du territoire (CIST) Representing territories held at Rouen in France. Naturally, my paper – one out of two submitted in English – related to my book, then still under preparation on ‘The Poverty of Territorialism’. More in particular, the paper ‘Beyond Territorialism: Europe as an Archipelago’ presented one of the three metaphors for re-conceptualising European space conceiving of nation-states as islands in a sea of functional relations. I presented it in Session 9 on ‘Territoriality and the European Union. Representing territories’. (Co-chairs Lydia Lebon and Sylvia Calmesbrunet)
Participating in the discussion held in French somewhat stretched my comprehension of that language, and the papers (all available on the web: confirmed – unsurprisingly – that the discourse was different from what one may expect in the Anglosaxon universe. Anyway, an initiative was taken to publish a small selection of the papers, including an extended version of mine in French: Faludi, A. (2019) ‘Au-del? du territorialism: la m?taphore de l’archipel’, in: S. Brunet, L. Levon, Yann, R. (eds.) Les dossiers des Annales de Droit, Prolif?ration des territoires et repr?sentatons territoriales de l’Union europ?enne, Presses Universitaires de Rouen et du Havre, Mont-Saint-Aignan,161-174. Which I proudly add to the – short! – list of publications in this language.
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