Our dear colleague, Ana Maria Fernandez-Maldonado has celebrated her 25th work anniversary at the Department of Urbanism of the TU Delft. She received a certificate and a silver pendant representing the flame of Prometheus, the Greek Titan who stole the flame of civilisation and knowledge from the Gods to give it to humanity. Professor Will Zonneveld made a speech in her honour and presented her with her certificate.

Ana María Fernández-Maldonado is a senior researcher at the Chair Spatial Planning and Strategy of the Faculty of Architecture of Delft University of Technology, where she works since 1992. Before that, her professional experience included work as an architect and urban designer in her own architectural office in partnership with two other architects in Lima, Peru; as urban planner in a district municipality in Lima and as researcher of urban trends in informal settlements of Lima.

In 2004, Ana defended her PhD on “ICT-related transformations in Latin American metropolises” supervised by Professor Paul Drewe.

Ana Maria has presented her research work in many international conferences and published in many academic journals and books. She has been invited as keynote speaker at the 42th ISOCARP Congress in Istanbul (2006); the Knowledge Cities World Summit in Melbourne (2010); and the International Congress Cities of People  in Rio de Janeiro (2012). She has also been invited to present her results in the universities of de Utrecht, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Venice, Mexico City, Ciudad Juarez and Lima.

In recent years, Ana has acted as advisor to PhDs in the Department of Urbanism, helping countless candidates to graduate. Sadly, Ana will retire in June 2020, after a quarter century of a brilliant academic career.



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