Thursday morning February 27th from 10:45 (TUDelft Architecture faculty, Berlage Room) I present the outlines of my Phd research Landscapes of Trade. My supervisory team: Wil Zonneveld (TUD SPS), Frank van Oort (EUR), Tom Daamen (TUD UDM) and Paul Gerretsen (Deltametropolis Association). Shile Zhou gives his presentation on metropolitan greenery there from 10:00. If you’re in the area, you’re welcome to participate.

There is a lively debate regarding Distribution Centers in the media, announcing the ‘boxification’ of the landscape. In a way we are all responsible when we buy stuff online, but isn’t the government in control about how these developments are planned? Logistics provides (good and bad) jobs, creates new landscapes, emitts a lot of carbon but also makes recycling and other parts of the circular economy possible. It is in short, an intriguing topic of which – spatially – we know surprisingly little.

See for yourself

Zoom into the landscape of trade, and travel through time between 1980-2020 with the interactive map.

On March 19th, together with CAST, I will moderate the Design Challenge ‘Out of the Box’. Four multidisciplinary design teams will present their ideas for the logistic landscape of the future in Tilburg, and debate with stakeholders and policy makers (free entrance with ticket).

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