You may think that writing is what it’s all about. But it takes a while before a manuscript becomes a book. There is an amazing amount of work to be done and details to attend, including proofreading, checking the index, deciding on whom to approach for reviewing it, whom to give complementary copies, and so forth, and so forth. Not new to this business, I am still amazed by the changes to the industry that have taken since my last book of 2010 vintage and the professionalism of the people involved.
In doing this book, with the exception of some scribbled notes, I don’t think I have ever put pen to paper. Even reviewing the proofs happens electronically. Indexing, too, used to be done by hand, so to say. Now it’s a professional job, says somebody who has just finished reviewing the draft having arrived recently. Anyhow, the long and the short of it is that the book will come out in November, they say, and on past performance I am confident that the publisher will deliver.The cover design, too, and the back flap are all in their final shape.
And there is some expressions of interest from the authors of the forthcoming ‘European Territorial Reference Framework’, an ESPON project intended to provide an input into the review of the Territorial Agenda 2020 to be spearheaded by the German EU Presidency of the second half of 2020.
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